Sub Soiler

  1 ARM 2 ARM 3 ARM
SIZE 510 mm 550 mm 830 mm
LENGTH 660 mm 1220 mm 152 mm
WIDTH 1060-1370 mm
HEIGHT 150 x 25 mm
WEIGHT (APPROX.) 65 kgs. 165 kgs. 250 kgs.
TRACTOR POWER (HP) 50-60 60-75 75-90


  • The Subsoilers are deep tillage implements specially designed for breaking up hard pan layers and loosening the subsoil allowing better drainage, root growth and mineral osmosis.
  • It shatters the soil well below the surface, thus increasing the water holding capacity.
  • It preserves moisture during high rainfall which is very important for the crop to withstand low rainfall or drought.


  • It can plough up to 55 c.m. deep .
  • It fights draught by increasing the ground storage capacity.
  • It increases soil turnover by reaching deeper organic matter layers. Adjustable ploughing width.